lunedì 22 ottobre 2007

iF visual design award

august 2007
on the 30th of august +sign has been awarded
by iF visual design award jury with a special prize
in the category "too good to be true".

simone ciotola, +sign art director, recived the prize
during the iF visual design award ceremony,
helded at the pinacotek der moderne in munich.

our first client

ian arnold, from kansas city, missouri, u.s.a.,
is +sign first client.

core 77

april 2007
american design blog,
published the news of +sign e-bay auction.

+sign 2007 event has been published on this famous
milanese e-guide for design events in the city,
during the salone design week.

e-bay auction

april 2007
during salone del mobile 2007 +sign launched on e-bay
the first auction
worldwide for a visual design project

design spotter

april 2006
the german e-zine "design spotter"
published the +sign event in the news

+sign debut

aprile 2006
first +sign exhibition at salone satellite / salone del mobile 2006
rho-pero fair / milano, italy,1,21,27,40